To the Bitter End – Naming the New Dog

The New Dog might have been named “Disagreement, or Conflict”, but it managed to get a name anyway.

Everything in its place. Where should this be, and how far should he be allowed to go, when we are not home? Why this, and why not that?

I really can’t remember discussing so many things about our first dog? OK, We did talk about his name, and purchased the necessary equipment, but a Family Meeting, or an Ultimatum! I think not.

My wife likes to organize things. Making lists seem to calm her nerves, but tend to drive the rest of us up the wall!

  • How many should we…
  • If he does this, then we should…
  • Naming the dog: discussion, argument, decision
  • If no name, then I decide!

Another list. If…Then…Or, Else!

Democracy in action.

When I came home from work, everyone had a name that they felt would win the Contest. The Contest of Lists.

  • We start with the A’s, then the B’s
  • Annoying, Bothersome, Chaotic,
  • More lists. With more names. Occurring while I was at work. Confused enough, already

Each name was read aloud. My wife was the moderator, without inflicting her opinion on us.

On my way home from work, a name came to me. The New Dog was light brown in color, which gave me an idea. Coco was the name. Coco was brown, and something of a play on words. It kind of reminded me of a cat, I once owned: KC. Everyone liked that name, but they thought it was Casey. Casey this and, Casey that. “How did I think of a name like that?” KC for me was Kitty Cat, as I firmly believed that if you stood in the middle of the kitchen with a can of cat food in your hand, then you could call the cat just about anything at all, and it still would come to you!

Dogs were different. Dogs needed structure, especially Puppies. A good list should do the trick. My wife is into lists. My son and daughter accepted the name along with my wife. Coco is coming to us tomorrow, if it knows it or not?

My son told me something before leaving for school. Coco will be his name, but I might just call him Skipper anyway.

We might just need to make a list about possible deviations of the accepted fact.

My wife is good at making lists……


Coco, or Skipper, or……