When I moved into my first apartment in Denmark my new Sister in-law was on the scene to help us out. We acquired furniture from here and there, thus emptying out attic rooms and dusty storage rooms.

The most important thing, she said, was the location of the Television! She moved around the apartment, applying Danish TV Mathematics to ensure our viewing pleasure from all possible angles. I felt, at that time, that it was a bit much having to plan our interior decorating using the TV as the focal point!

That is, as they say, Ancient History, but a new challenge looms on the horizon. Where is the new Puppy to sleep?

The furniture was moved about once again while a measuring device was wielded in length and width. I could almost imagine myself, being back in the sleepy Danish Town of Sæby once again, not knowing the language, not having a job or money, and not knowing just where the TV was going to end up!

The Dog question was equally troubling to me. Even though it was not the language, my Sister in-law, or any number of other confusing factors this time around. The next question concerned the naming of the dog. In Denmark all dogs have a chip placed under their skin on the back of their neck. Before doing so, the dog’s name has to be coded into the chip.

Here are the challenges:

  1. placement of dog sleeping area
  2. acquirement of dog sleeping container
  3. naming of the dog
  4. fetching the dog

The first 2 have been accomplished with flying colors.

Number 3 is pending while  Number 4 is expected to occur on Friday.

I feel that there is reasonable control of the situation, with a small margin for error. Dog Logistics are not anything to be taken lightly. I wouldn’t want the future dog to end up on a one way trip to confusion, with a layover day in mediocrity, nor should it suffer the fate of my long lost TV, having to wander about my then-apartment with no apparent permanent home!

I expect to fill out a bill of lading, and ask for a signed notice of delivery in order to ensure proper delivery in the best possible conditions.

The as-yet unnamed Pooch (correction – Coco) is expected to fulfill its expectations to my Family in accordance with the known aspects of its kind.

I wouldn’t demand anything of it that it couldn’t supply, but then supply and demand are essential parts of Logistics!

Dog Logistics, that is!