Book of Lists, Denmark for Beginners

This might also be called: Denmark for dummies. Now I’ve been able to collect my vast experience about the Danish society in one short compilation.

  • Everything you never wanted to know about the Danish Alps, but were afraid to ask.
  • Guess the current rate of taxation in Denmark
  • Dial-A-Dane: Language learning made easy
  • How to love being a welfare client, by bragging about it to your friends and family
  • The joys of the Recycling Center – unlimited Fun on the Cheap!
  • How to enjoy the stinkiest of Danish Cheeses, Gamle Ole!
  • Denmark Denials – closing your eyes, and imagining you are anywhere else in the world
  • How to use Danish money, and language perils of counting over 20 Danish Kroner.
  • How to recognize a real Dane – Don’t look at me, I’m not a Dane!
  • How to get a Danish Green Card for immigration to other friendlier Countries
  • The Danish-Canadian Friendship Club – Helping to stamp out all other foreigners
  • Driving from West to East. From the friendly Jutlanders to the haughty Zeelanders
  • How to speak the language in 100 easy lessons. A course of study steeped in failure
  • How to recognize a Dane from a German from a Swede from a Norwegian.
  • Enjoying the Danish Palm Beach at Frederikshavn. Only in the summer months
  • Learning common Danish words and phrases: Tuborg, Pølse, Lego, HC Andersen, Skat, Underskud, Frustration, Depression, En by i Rusland, En ko på isen.
  • Celebrating the 4th of July in Denmark. How to make a banner: Down with the USA

I could just go on and on and on, and perhaps on, but that might just be for another blog.

You probably never thought that there was so much to do in such a small Country like Denmark…well, you’re right, there isn’t!

But then anything is possible……