Crunching Numbers – A Day Fit for a King

All day long. Today has been one of those long, long, long days.

Out with the Big Boys talking Big Business. I must admit that those numbers got thrown about quite a bit today. Advances in Sales, Stagnation of the Danish Market, Falling this and rising that.

Number Crunching was on the menu for today.

If  you are not used to getting up at 4 o’clock, then I can tell you that it IS early! I could hardly remember sleeping at all, when I awoke before the alarm at 3:50am . I remembered to get up, before falling asleep, to then sleep past the alarm, which I had just turned off! Nope, not today. It had to be 4am.

We drove to Denmark’s 2nd largest city, Aarhus at speeds up to 170 km/hour. I was amazed at being able to travel that fast, as I usually would begin to feel the hairs stand up on the back of my neck at 130 km/hour. Everything was different you see, traveling with the Big Boys!

We made it to the Car Ferry in Aarhus with just 5 minutes to spare. Then it was the trip from the Danish Mainland to the Island of Zealand. Just 75 minutes later, we hit the road at a place called Zealand’s Spit.


Screenshot from Google Maps

Our destination was the Danish City of Roskilde, one of the oldest cities in the Country being founded before 1000 a.d.

Along the way we were treated to yet another meal for a King. Along with our breakfast, we managed to crunch more numbers, and juggle figure 8s, and random integers!

In Roskilde there awaited a whole day of meetings and discussions. Again the generous portions of food rolled our way, tempting and teasing our appetites, but alas there was yet more to come.

Lunchtime at a local restaurant, then the end of the meeting. The drive, the Ferry, the drive and finally, the last meal fit for a King.

In this Country filled with Royalty and Castles there seemed to be no end to the Cornucopia of Food that we enjoyed today.

And if my words were not enough, for some of you lacking in imagination of these true delights, I did manage to take one picture, just one due to the extremely busied schedule of events.



Yet another meal fit for a Danish King!

Bon Appétit!