Flying from Aalborg to Copenhagen, Denmark

I know being a tourist in the same country where you live, isn’t the same as being a true, dyed in the wool tourist, but I tried to feel like a foreigner all the same.

This short blog concerns the flight from Aalborg in Jutland, to Copenhagen, Denmark’s capital city, on the island of Zealand. I include it without worrying about it being a true touristy blog, as someone out there in Canada-somewhere, has missed out on seeing more Danish water, so this would be the flight for you!

These 2 photos show  Aalborg, the 4th largest city in Denmark.


The airline, I am flying with, is called Norwegian, which sounds very Danish to me!

This next shot is also of Aalborg, and my house is just under the plane, in the bottom left corner. Before leaving on my flight, I placed a red colored, square piece of cloth on my front lawn, measuring 1×1 meter in order for you to enjoy this sight along with me. Did you find it yet? No.

Well, to make it easier,  I’ve numbered the clouds from top left to bottom right. When you count to cloud number 26, then look underneath it to the left, and you should be able to see my red marker.

cloud counting

I haven’t numbered all the clouds, as I wouldn’t want it to be too easy for you, otherwise I would lose credibility in writing Travel Blogs!

This next shot is of one of Denmark’s islands. I seem to have forgotten to label it, but then when you’ve seen one Danish island, you’ve seen them all.


Notice the interesting angle of this shot. I feel that it shows my talent as a photographer, and could mean a new vocation for me.

The last shot is of a new type of cloud. You might be thinking that a cloud is a cloud, just like a Danish island is a Danish island, but you would be wrong in assuming that!

This type of cloud is only found hovering over the island of Zealand. Everyone in Jutland knows that Zealand is a special place, and is deserving of its own special clouds. It might not look different to you, but believe you me, the people of Zealand, and its clouds are in a class all their own.


If I say anymore than that, then I’ll probably end up in the Danish Dog House for sure.





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  1. Weird to think that exactly 4 months after this release, I’ll be on the same plane (so to speak) but on the København-Aalborg way… Prepare your red marker and your cup cakes 🙂 If reality is fun enough for you, of course!


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