Using the right word, correctly

Malheureusement is the word for today. Who can pronounce that correctly, and give a definition of it?

No Cheating, No Google Translate. Someone out there must be able to manage one little word. That is, other than Ms Montreal, and she knows who she is!

Unfortunately, I have my troubles with learning Foreign language. It’s funny how I get stuck on certain words, without knowing why my brain, unfortunately won’t work as it should.

I’ve often gotten stuck, not being able to find the correct word in Danish, while trying to explain something that in my mind, should be perfectly easy to explain. Unfortunately at times, the English word comes out instead, frustrating me even more as to why that has happened!

I’ve been trying to learn both German, and now French using the Internet site, Memrise to help me learn vocabularies of each language. Unfortunately as not, there are certain words, or combination of letters that seem not to stick in my memory, no matter how many times I’ve heard/seen them.

I have to use Danish on a daily basis while on the job. Once in a while, I’m allowed to use English, which should be great and wonderful, but unfortunately, the same problem shows up in my own native language. I’ve built up a huge Danish vocabulary, which I use each and every day, but unfortunately not all of those Danish words are known to me in English.

I hope this has been informative to all of you who have tried to use or learn another language, and are frustrated by the same type of things that I experience.

I guess, I’ll have to learn those words on my own, as learning is an individual thing, and not something we can share with each other.


Now, what was the meaning of that word………….?



4 thoughts on “Using the right word, correctly

  1. Hi. Unfortunately my humor gets lost in the blog. I should have underlined the word, but I unfortunately didn’t do so.
    Unfortunately. That was the word you see. Unfortunately.


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