I think that history is a funny subject. There is always one Country messing about with another Country, for its own personal gain.

It’s easy for me to say that it is funny, coming from one of those Countries that most of the world loves to hate, or strives to imitate,  it’s not up to me to decide which.

That particular Country, according to Wiki History, has attacked Canada at one point in time. Or twice, or maybe even more, but that was way back when with a certain General George Washington, who is known as the Father of my Country, was involved in at least one of those incidents.

I should mention that the people on the other side were British and not Canadians, if that makes any difference, but that is not the whole story, as I read on. It seems that Canada started out being French, if you don’t include the Native Population, that is. Then it went over to the British, in which England and France had some difficulties with each other, long before my own Country existed, so don’t start pointing your fingers at me just yet – Patience, your time will come!

So Canada was British, at a time when my almost, newly formed Country was in disagreement with England. So General Washington tried to have it out with those British Canadians at some nondescript backwater called Trois-Rivieres, but unfortunately -malheureusement, he was beaten back to his own almost-Country again. Then things went bad, then good then bad-good again, but this time it was between the British and the French-speaking People of Quebec.

If you notice from my description, my own, almost innocent Country in this case, is  beginning not to seem so aggressive after all.  General George in May 1776 and the Battle of Trois-Rivières was the last real incident in my Wiki History lesson concerning hostilities between my County and theirs.

It does make me wonder about the people behind the whole Wiki History website. It could be some sort of plot, to say Communist seems almost pale in comparison to a lot of the other dangers in the world today, but there might just be someone pulling the strings of the real story and what we end up reading.

I wouldn’t want to say that my Country wasn’t guilty of messing around with other Countries, but then France and England are not exactly blameless in this aspect as well.

I am also not sure, if an apology is to be expected at this point in the blog, for attacking your Country, as my own Country didn’t exist at that time, as a Sovereign Nation!

I’d just like to say that those people, at that time in History, had their reasons for doing so, which they deemed to be important, but which in later years, could be construed as a less than charitable act of aggression.

If that can be worded into Wiki-language, then it might just sound like an apology of some sorts.

or not…