Bandung, did anyone say Bandung?

This is a new admission of not knowing everything. I know that probably shatters a lot of conceptions about me, but it came to light again today, when I was rummaging around in my Spam Filter.

A reader from Bandung has made a comment about my blogs. Hmm, let me see, Bandung? It doesn’t sound European, or Canadian for that matter, but then I have been wrong before.


Well, thanks to Internet, I found out just where it was. It is on the island of Java in Indonesia. I noticed that at the bottom right side of my picture (screen shot from Google Maps) there is a well known locale called Bali.

Here comes admission number 2. I couldn’t have told you where Bali was located, before this rather snowy morning in Denmark. The comment was received yesterday 6 January, but with those issues with the International Date Line and the like, it might have come today, yesterday, the day before yesterday, or tomorrow? I have a hard enough time figuring out the time difference between Montreal and Denmark!

OK.  Bandung lies in Indonesia. I have been invited to visit Bandung by this reader. I consider that to be a compliment, but wonder why it ended up in my Spam Folder? I don’t recall having to fill out a form stipulating that all readers from Bandung should end up as Spam?

Regardless of the reason for its untimely end, I still consider it an honor for someone on the other side of the planet, to have read my blogs. I realize that other people might just take this in stride, but I feel that it is exciting anyway.

Traveling to Bandung is not in my immediate plans, though the thought of it seems exciting all the same.

I should mention Canada, or else you might think that I’ve abandoned all thoughts of that rather largish country in thinking about other far away places. There I’ve dropped at least 2 names in this blog, but they are important ones all the same.

Terima kasih – means Thank You in Bahasa, which for all of the rest of you, is the most common language in Indonesia.

Sampai jumpa!