Chicken Legs and Turkey Toes

Trying to buy Chicken Legs in Denmark is not easy. If I were to find them, using Danish, I’d have to ask for Chicken Under-Thighs!

They don’t call them legs here. Drumsticks won’t work as well. I haven’t attempted to ask for Turkey Toes, but I’m almost afraid of the answer!

Tonight’s menu calls for Chicken Under-Thighs. I thought of browning them a bit in oil, then adding tomato sauce to them and cooking them on the stove top. I also added onions, but not at first like I usually do. Nope, I added them after having browned the Chicken Under Thighs, and adding the tomatoes. I’m not sure if that is wrong, but I am not one for reading about than kind of thing on the Internet.

I’m pretty sure, I can find a lot of recipes out there, telling me exactly how to do what I’m doing. It almost deserves an open apology to all the bloggers out there that write about cooking. Especially the ones that follow my blogs, for some reason or another!

I wouldn’t want to promise that I’ll change my wily ways in the future, and begin to read food-blogs in order to fine tune my cooking skills. I guess, I’m just too impatient to be so meticulous about cooking like that.

I assume that my family is satisfied with my cooking, otherwise they would have said something about it. It might also be a sort of slow poisoning effect that accumulates over time. I haven’t exactly seen them lying on the floor, looking glassy-eyed up at the ceiling as yet, so it can’t be a fast-acting poison that they are ingesting.

As I write this, the Chicken Under-Thighs are bubbling on the stove top, cooking for 15 minutes, or so. I have also added some potatoes to the mix, and a bit more water.

My wife will eat just about anything that I prepare, but the kids just might be scraping the tomato sauce off the sides of the meat in order to get it down the hatch. Sometimes they surprise me by eating the meal just as I had intended them to do, but that is more the exception than the rule.

I think it is really tricky, how manufactures don’t say how long the chicken should be cooked, measured in minutes. I’m to test the temperature of the meat, and not assume it is done, until they have reached 75 degrees C.

Well, it’s about dinner time here in Aalborg, Denmark. The meat has reached 72 degrees C, and I’ve added just a bit more water to make sure that the potatoes are done as well.

I’m including 2 pictures showing the package for all of you brave enough to attempt speaking Danish in Denmark, wanting the exact name of Not Chicken Drumsticks and Not Turkey Toes.


The other photo is of the almost-finished dish:


Chicken Under-Thighs a la me!



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  1. I love the mention “Danish salmonella free chicken”… We Canadians are real daredevils taking for granted that companies won’t try to poison us just because they didn’t have to specify the lack of salmonella…


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