Feeling Claustrophobic

First there was border control with Sweden. Then there was border control with Germany. I’m feeling a bit claustrophobic sitting here in Denmark.

I guess, it’s them against us. The people on the other side of the fence, where the grass is obviously not greener, as opposed to us here in Denmark.

When I was younger, my mother used to warn me against strangers. Don’t accept rides from strangers. Not even if you are offered candy or soda pop. These people are dangerous! Mom might have been warning me against more than dark strangers in even darker automobiles. What if she was talking about Canadians? You never know what strange customs they might have on the other side of the border? I never even knew if Canadians lived on our street? What if they are here in Denmark? What might they do to me, knowing what I know?

What about Danes? My older sister, once told me that just down the street from us lived a married couple named Christensen. My God, Christensen from Copen-friggen-hagen of all places. And then there was the time that I visited Salt Lake City in Utah. What is there to see in Salt Lake City? Mormons of course. I visited the Church and wouldn’t you know it, there was another married couple from Denmark, living and working there. Is there a sign on my back that says, “kick me all the way to Denmark?”.

Now I’m getting both paranoid and claustrophobic! I’m glad, I’m not schizophrenic, then I’d start getting worried that I was being followed by more than one person….

probably a foreigner, and you know what that means…..