Danish News 4.1.2016 Border Control with Sweden

Well, I thought that over the years, people would learn to talk about things in order to solve their problems, but I was wrong as usual.

Today there is border control at all points between Denmark and Sweden. The many year rivalry between the 2 countries and their respective Handball and Football teams has finally come to a head. This is a problem that just won’t go away, which is why the control started today.

I realize that I am not well versed in the diplomatic aspects of this issue, but I do feel it to be on the extreme side of rationality. The mere fact of having to carry ID in this otherwise border-less Europe is without precedent,  but I guess the current circumstances are not to be denied.

I for one would like to help out in this situation if that were possible. I don’t feel that we should restrict Swedes the right to enter Denmark at will. I realize that tempers are on the rise here, but I really can’t remember it being that bad, having visitors from Sweden, or Norway for that matter!

I would only hope for a quick and resolute solution to this problem in order for the right of  our fellow Swedes, the everyday luxury of having free passage to Denmark in order to buy their beloved salamis, and other traditionally Danish foodstuffs.

Someone has to take a stand on this issue!


Author: notthedane56

I am not the important one here. I'm pretty sure who is, but that doesn't always seem prudent to tell about in my "About Me" box. If in doubt, then read a few blogs, add 5+7, then subtract a largish Country to the north of the USA. Answer forthcoming in my next "About Me" box, or not.

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