I am in a Jeep traveling to the Danish Alps

My Jutland Jeep is made of sturdy stuff. I wouldn’t attempt to drive in the Danish Alps without it.

I am in a Jeep traveling up a mountain road. Many people have warned me not to attempt to visit the Alps, as they only exist in one person’s imagination. I am not dissuaded by this, and continue up the increasingly precarious embankment.

I am in a Jeep surrounded by a deep mountain forest. The light has troubles penetrating the Danish Pines, making it necessary to use the front spotlight on the Jeep in order to stay safely on the road.

I must be wary for rockslides and falling boulders, due to the strong tectonic movements in the Alps. If I were a religious person, I would be praying to the local deities, or placing offers of dried fruits and nuts along the side of the road, honoring the Grubby Gerbil and his followers.

I am in a Jeep at road’s end. At this point in time, I must abandon all hope and hike to the Spires and Pinnacles of the Lofty Peaks, if the true Alps are to be enjoyed.

I am at the end of one person’s imagination, as the tales of the Alps are closed until new ideas come along.

I am at the end of this blog, but am not at the end of the stories to come.

I am a true believer in the Danish Alps…….