who have I done what to and why?

i’ve done some sort of incorrect movement. it must have occurred around 3 days before now.

that’s usually the incubation period for an incorrect movement. i did something, or someone wrong, and now i have to pay for it.

it hurts starting each sentence with capitals, but commas seem to help.

i have tried sleeping in every conceivable way, shape and form, but nothing seems to help. if i lift my left leg, i can’t lift my right leg. if i roll over, then i can’t roll back. i’ve done someone wrong and now it’s payback time!

did i move left, and look up, or did i forget to look up and move right? it’s so hard trying to remember, just what i did wrong, now that nothing is right!

i went for a walk, in order to get things moving again. every step was carefully placed, but if my foot had to rise up, just a bit, it went ow.

perhaps, i should have sung along with the others, during the christmas eve church service. maybe i was thinking about myself again, and not those less fortunate.

i try to grin and bear it, but the bears wouldn’t even want what i have.

i have made some sort of incorrect movement. i wish to apologize to those who i have wronged, and promise to make it up somehow.

i’m looking forward to tomorrow, and hope that i only will have correct movements. i am also looking forward to using capital letters again, as those wavy red lines, also seem to go ow.

i only hope that the movements that i make today, won’t be my downfall in another 3 days. i will try to remember exactly what i am doing, sitting here, writing this blog, and why.

perhaps i did the same thing 3 days ago

and that was wrong too…..