Plans for 2016

Here are my plans for 2016. A lot of you have been eagerly waiting for my yearly announcement, outlining my vast expectations, and wishes for the upcoming year.

Uh, I don’t really have any! I have never been one to make New Year’s Resolutions, but I can run a few by you, which I probably don’t intend to follow, just so you won’t be disappointed:

  • spend less time writing blogs, using more time on my family
  • spend less time writing blogs about my poor wife, encouraging her to read at least one of them in the course of 2016
  • spend more time writing blogs, focusing on quality instead of quantity
  • deleting 1/3 of my blogs as I write them, in order to save time from deleting that amount this last weekend
  • focusing less on Canada, choosing a new Country to weave into my stories
  • focusing more on Canada, perhaps using the 1-2-3 River Writing Approach which allows me more freedom of thought
  • not changing my theme more than 2 times throughout the year
  • refusing to mention Toki Pona in an attempt to show just how useless I am in learning it
  • refusing to write blogs like this one, which stretches one’s patience to an all time high
  • enticing you to read this yearly announcement, even though I only started writing blogs in July 2015
  • focus on adding more categories, then deleting them in order to satisfy my boredom
  • reinstating Blogging as a category, in order to place this blog in its rightful place (I deleted it last week, you know)
  • coming up with more ideas for a blog, before starting one like this here

I hope that satisfies your curiosity? If not, then add “not” as the first word in each sentence, unless it ends up in a double negative, “not not” which is not good grammar in English.

But then, who cares anyway?