Toki Pona, shorthand version wanted

I know, I know. Toki Pona again you might ask?

I guess, if I really were serious about TP, then I should keep it to myself. You know, it’s kind of like saying that you are quitting smoking, or running to lose weight, or giving up chasing women, because your wife thinks it is a good idea!

I should really start learning TP in secret. Kind of like Victoria Secret, but not really! I could act all mysterious and secretive, tempting others to draw me out in the open, only to have their curiosity dashed on the rocks of despair.

I could use a flashlight in bed, under the covers, reading the latest developments in this language of languages! I might just be walking down the street, acting nonchalant, thinking about the next time that I’ll be speaking TP to my secret TP friends.

I might just make a code name for it, instead of saying TP, it could be T=20 and P=16. I should add them together for good measure=36.

Have you seen any good articles on 36 today? Everyone would grab their cell phones and google 36. Let me see, “Wine them, Dine them, and …”. No, that was the wrong number. It is a perfect square, but then a lot of people have also said that about me…

I might forget that it was 20+16. What if it were 18+18? I might have to learn a whole new language, like Tony Bennett, or Pony Tony?

This is getting way too complicated. I just wanted to make my life easier in learning Toki Pona, Dang! Now I’ve let the cat out of the bag.

I wouldn’t want you to think that I’ve started learning TP, or 36 again. It just slipped out. My friends are going to make fun of me again. “Why don’t you just stick to the other 4 languages you’ve been trying to learn for the past 20 years? Why venture into the unknown?”

All I wanted was a shorthand version of:

o tenpo sike li open pona!

That is Toki Pona for Happy New Year!

If I still can only remember Soweli, land animal, then it’s next to impossible to learn o tenpo sike li open pona! and sound like a native speaker, if I can remember it at all!

Maybe, if I converted the letters to numbers, and added them together, it would help me to remember….

… what was that I said about chasing women? I’m sure I’d be better at remembering that…



2 thoughts on “Toki Pona, shorthand version wanted

  1. I Googled Toki Pona today… Not that I doubted that it existed, but aside your numerous posts about the subject, I had never heard of that language before… I truly hope you won’t give up on your learning. Just the thought of knowing someone else who gets uncontrolling rolling eyes from his friends at the thought of learning something not that useful in the day to day life, is heartwarming for me. I get that a lot… I don’t get mocked all that much, but I can feel a telepathical “what the….??!?” coming from a lot of people. I too could have kept it secret, but if my learning Danish is the thing that bothers people around me the most, I think it must mean they don’t have much to hold against me, and that’s a pretty good thing after all! Oh, and by the way… I might have missed that from an oldest post, but did you know that 36 was originally invented by a Canadian woman?… Maybe she was tired of trying to find a Danish teacher and decided “I’ll invent my own language, so other people can have trouble learning it!” 😉 The world is filled with unanswered questions…


    • I would never joke about something like Toki Pona, well maybe, I would. I just liked the name, and thought it would be fun learning something way different for a change. It’s kind of like learning French. I get a lot a flak about learning different languages, especially German, but the more resistance, the more I want to learn. I can go to sleep tonight thinking about a Soweli, that long lost Toki Pona land animal, which might just be the one and only word, I’ll ever master in 36. Thanks for your comment and congratulations on your new tablet! You see, I try to keep up with your thoughts as well….

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