I am visiting Kristiansand, Norway

I am in Southern Norway in the city of Kristiansand. It used to be called Christiansand after the Danish Norwegian King, Christian IV. That was in July 1641. The name was later changed to Kristiansand, using “Kr” instead of “Ch” to make it sound more Norwegian. Don’t worry about that, it is just one of those Scandinavian things!

I am staying in an older part of town called, “Posebyen”. It mainly consists of wooden houses, located in the southeastern portion of the City.

There is no defined parking here, so I need to continuously put more coins in the parking meters near my lodging.


Not wanting to pay a fine for my parking pleasure, I make sure, I am covered, during the daylight hours, by faithfully feeding the meters. It might be in the more established hotels, the parking is included, but it wasn’t for me.

Nearby is the center of town, with a tourist bureau, shops and a pointy church steeple, if you are interested in things like that.


Kristiansand is a nice place to use as a base for other nearby attractions. The most popular is Kristiansand Zoo and Amusement Park, which attracts upwards of a million visitors every year. I used a day visiting it, with its many animals, and attractions. There are many different animals, and here are a few that can be seen:

It was not an inexpensive visit, but then what is, when the name of the park includes animals and amusements?

There is also a large shopping center located between the city and the Zoo, Sørlandssenteret. If you happen to have any money leftover after the parking meters, or the animal crackers, it might just be the place for you. Luckily, I had the excuse of a blister on my foot, and needed to sit out most of my visit, inside this enormous center. My Family, however, weren’t shy about enriching the Norwegian Economy, with their Danish money. Every little bit helps, you know!

More on my Southern Norway visit to come.