I am traveling by train to Copenhagen

I am on a train, traveling from the city named, Aalborg to the Capital of Denmark, Copenhagen.

I am on a train, whose journey ends in Aarhus, Denmark’s second largest city. I need to change trains. I have something known as a pladsbillet, that assures me a seat on the train. Without a pladsbillet, I might just have to stand up all the way to Copenhagen.

I am on another train, heading for Copenhagen, once again. I am going to visit Copenhagen with all of its sights: The Queen’s Mansion, A Castle housing the Crown Jewels, and the statue called the Little Mermaid.

I am on a train which is driven onto a ferry. The ferry has train tracks on it. The ferry crosses “The Great Belt” which separates the Eastern part of Denmark with the Western.

I look into the waters below. Thousands of Jellyfish are visible. White forms clustered in the waters.

I am looking at a TV screen showing our progress.

When we reach Korsør a city on the Western edge of the island of Zealand the train is again driven onto the land tracks.

I am now on the way to Copenhagen, once again. There is talk about a new way of commuting across the Great Belt. A large bridge for cars and an underwater tunnel for trains. A large crane is visible in the distance. It is seated upon a large concrete platform in the middle of the “Belt”. Someday, I’ll be crossing the “Belt” over there, remembering my travels on the train ferry.

In 1988, 3 years before I came to Denmark, and unknown to me, a tunnel was started to be dug in the basement rock under where the ferry is now sailing. This tunnel would be expanded to 2, then be equipped with railway tracks. On  June 14, 1998 the bridge over the Great Belt opened, ending an era of trains on ferries.

I have arrived at the Main Train Station in Copenhagen.

In Copenhagen at the Youth Hostel, people are speaking English to me. I am speaking Danish to them. They are used to English speakers. “Hey, You have a Danish Driver’s License”. Yes, I do.

But I am not a Dane…..