I am on a Ferry to Oslo, Norway

I am traveling to Oslo, Norway, on a Mini-Cruise, from the Danish City of Frederikshavn.

The Cruise lasts about 26 hours, from Denmark to Norway, and back again. It is a nice way to experience something new, without worrying about driving anywhere.

I travel by bus to the Ferry Terminal in Frederikshavn. Frederikshavn is a city of 23,000 people, and is named after the Danish King, Frederik the 6th.

The Mini-Cruise costs DKK 99 per person (USD 14.50) which includes travel in both directions.

At the Summer Solstice, the days seem endless with the Sun hanging in the sky until 22:19 (10:19pm). I sit up on deck enjoying the sights and sounds of the Skagerrak Strait, which connects the North Sea with the Kattegat Sea, which then leads to the Baltic Sea.

The Cruise begins in the early Morning, arriving in Oslo at 19:30 (7:30pm).  It’s nice to enjoy meals up on deck, as the weather allows, or in the small cabin located below deck.

When arriving in Oslo, it takes time to leave the ship, and head toward Oslo. I might just as well have remained on the ship, as the time taken doing that, used all of my quality time in Norway. This is after all, just a Mini-Cruise,  having little or no time at all for sightseeing.

The cruise back to Denmark is also spent on the upper deck, enjoying the sights of Norway fading. It’ll soon be time for a short nap in the cabin, but not too long, otherwise the experience will be wasted on sleeping!

In the morning the Ferry is once again in Denmark’s Territorial Waters. The Cruise has lasted just over 24 hours, with my Passport only collecting dust in my suitcase, never having to be used, while in Norway. Passports are still carried, but seldom used, here in the Far North of Europe.

I am tired, and smell of the sea, which is a nice change from the smells of the city.

I can’t wait to try my hand at sailing again, but I would like to see more of Norway, than just the harbor at Oslo!

God Tur!