I am flying from Sacramento to Denver..

..and it is stormy. The pilot tells us to get ready for turbulence. Turbulence is not fun in a storm.

I am flying to Washington D.C. My sister lives in Fairfax, Va. close to Washington. My flight needs to stop in Denver, Colorado.

My flight has been delayed. I waited at the airport in Sacramento for 4 hours. They cannot find my reservation. I wait and wait. I hate waiting in airports. A new flight is ready. This one is not direct, but stops over in Denver.

It is at night, darkness surrounds my vehicle, my air machine. Everyone is awake due to the turbulence. I want to sleep, but cannot. The pilot speaks again. There is a line of Thunderstorms over the Rocky Mountains. We need to descend through the clouds. There will be more turbulence.

Turbulence means shaking and quivering. The airplane is dodging the clouds, the lightning, the wind. The whole plane shudders as it passes through the storm. We have landed in Denver.

After a short time we need to be on our way. The Thunderstorms are waiting for us. The plane shivers and shakes once again. I feel like I am being blended with the storm. Turbulence is not a nice thing, and I am experiencing it again.

Finally, we are past the storm. I arrive in Washington DC in one piece, but my luggage has gone to the other airport in Washington. I won’t be seeing it until tomorrow sometime.

I have had a turbulent time, flying from California to Washington DC. My luggage has also suffered in the process.

Tomorrow, when I awaken, I will be enjoying the Eastern Side of the United States for the first time in my life.

I only hope my luggage will be enjoying it with me…..