Weight Lifting with Woof!

My Wife seems to think that I have a lot of crazy ideas. Think about Einstein, and his crazy theories! Not everyone thought that he was in his right mind, but…    There might just be something there!

I’ve been thinking about strength training and/or weight training. I received a few types of barbells, and the like a few Christmases ago, but have lost interest in them along the way.

My dog is a 3 kg Poodle, which is a great way to begin training again.

Wait! Don’t turn the page to the next blog, this might just be something for you as well!

Think about it, 3 kilos. Up, down, up, down. It would depend on the dog’s temperament, but it might work. Then you can try the neighbor’s dog. Try scratching it behind the ears, then the stomach. Remember, the proper lifting technique is as important as the lift itself.

Fido might just get addicted to it as well. Its owner would be getting exercise, and perhaps also renting her dog out to the neighbors, who have moved up from lifting Poodles. It might work?

It could also be something to brag about at work. How many German Shepherds have you lifted today? I’ve only managed one Poodle and a Beagle, but I’m hoping for a Labrador tomorrow.

I am not advocating cruelty to Animals in any way. There would of course have to be a certification by the ASPCA, assuring the safety of both the dog and the dog-lifter.

My Wife isn’t buying this idea at all, and I haven’t even run it by her as yet. My Daughter, however, has told me that,  “I am crazy”, just before she was to tell my Wife something about my idea.

Just wait until I have aced the International Dog Lifting Championships (IDLC) held in Bratislava, or Phnom Pheng, then she’ll be whistling a different tune. It’s like have money in the bank, back when they actually gave you interest, instead of charging you for the luxury of depositing your money there!

I’ve always thought that, whatever it is that I possess, then someone should bottle it, and sell it as Underarm Deodorant, or Insect Repellent!

There are just so many ideas that one person can have, before they start spilling out onto the floor.

My Wife is still shaking her head in dismay, with mop in hand………


5 thoughts on “Weight Lifting with Woof!

  1. Yes, you may, but there are conditions: 1. It needs to be a Wife-approved hug. The glamour of writing blogs subjects me to foreign women throwing themselves at me (well it might happen?). 2. It must not involve any financial responsibility – I do have my Poodle to support. Be sure to check the guidelines on the bottom of the blog!

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  2. I’ll make sure to check for possible updates on post-making-my-day-hugs conditions when I get my ticket to fly to Denmark! I understand how a protocol can be necessary, seen how followers could get a little (or a lot) too friendly!

    By the way, I decided to start training too. Being that I only have a 1.3 pound kitten to lift, it might not be spectacular at first, but I’m planning on stuffing her with all kind of caloric foods… I’ll let you know the outcome! 🙂


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