I am sitting in O’Hare International Airport

I am traveling from Copenhagen to California. I have a layover in Chicago. A 7-hour layover!

The airport is huge. I feel dwarfed by it. I have Jet Lag. Big Time. I am traveling from Northern Denmark to Copenhagen to Chicago to Sacramento, California.

A 7-hour layover. What to do, what to do. To kill time, I go from Hub to Hub. I have my carry on luggage with me. I am wary of it. I have never been this close to Chicago before. I keep a watchful eye.

Someone walks by me with a Dove Bar. That is a large vanilla ice cream bar, coated in chocolate. All I can think about is finding that Dove Bar. In another Hub, I find it at last. It tastes like Heaven on Earth. I walk slowly back to my Hub. A man stops me and offers me $5 for my Dove Bar. $5 back then was a lot of money for a Dove Bar. I wave my hand in the direction of the other Hub. $5 is nothing next to the taste of a Dove Bar in an International Airport, when you have Jet Lag!

Waiting in Airports all alone near Chicago is not fun at all. I have read all of the newspapers, airline magazines, and newspapers. My eyes want to close, but I don’t dare. Through the windows I can see the skyline of Chicago. Back then, there were only fields between me and Chicago. Now it is probably different. Things Change, you know.

Finally it is time for my flight. I gather my luggage, leaving my wooden stick, behind me.

The Dove Bar is gone, and I will be too.


When I get on the plane, I can finally sleep. Chicago will be behind me at last.

When I return home to Sacramento,Ca., I am asked, “how my visit to Denmark was?”

I reply, “It was OK, but I’ll never move there”.

I have now been living in Denmark for 24 Years.

Never say never……..