I am on the Big Island of Hawaii

I am going to climb the highest mountain in the world. Not Mt Everest, but Mauna Loa, an active Volcano on the Big Island.

Mauna Loa is 4169 meters above Sea Level, but if you consider its total height from the sea floor, then it weighs in at 17170 meters! I know a lot about Volcanoes. I have been crazy about volcanoes for years now. I even have US Geologic Survey Topographic Maps purchased in Los Angeles, Ca. showing the trail system, and the rest houses.

I have my Kodak Instamatic camera, a backpack, and canned food. I have been planning my hike to coincide with the Family Vacation. When I read blogs now, I realize that I probably had underestimated the trip, but I was determined to follow my dream! There was just one small thing in the way. Just one little problem.

It was called the Energy Crisis. It was still having effects on Hawaii, even though it was over for the rest of the World. There wasn’t gas to be had, not on that particular day, just now and again. Bummer! My plans had gone awry. “don’t worry about it a little voice could have said, there will be more disappointments to come in life”.

Back home in California, the Energy Crisis created mistrust between the Oil Companies, and the rest of us consumers. Everyone called the Oil Companies crooks and demanded that those gigantic oil tanks be investigated, because the taps just couldn’t run dry overnight! Well, they did and the repercussions were still affecting Hawaii, when I was ready to hike a Volcano.

I am visiting Hawaii Volcanoes National Park instead of hiking Mauna Loa. I am walking on Lava that is just 2 weeks old. Mauna Ulu was the name of the volcano that spewed its lava over the road, where I now am standing. All of the Volcanic activity comes from the Volcano, Kiluea which is one of the most active Volcanoes in the World. There still is smoke in the air. I am walking on a trail through the lava.

I am leaving the Big Island heading to Oahu. I am leaving the quiet of the Big Island, and am getting ready for the big city, Honolulu. I am waiting at the airport for my flight.

I took this picture, using my Kodak Instamatic Camera, looking towards Mauna Loa, cloud-covered as usual.

Mauna Loa2

I never ever returned to the Big Island again.