Morning Soup, when all else fails…

… use salt and pepper as seasoning!

I have a lot of spices in my IKEA spice drawers. I mention that store, not for all of you to rush out and buy these things, but because they too have failed to create a usable spice area.

I have been troubled by Mass Carrot Extinction over the last few days. My Daughter received 9 kilos of Carrots, and I know from experience that one of those puppies (my word for Carrots) will get an idea to have black spots, then the whole lot of them will want the same spots. It’s going to happen, but I’m not going out without a bang.

Today, it is Carrot Soup on the menu. When I started to experiment with cooking, I visited a lot of Internet sites, checked out books at the library and made a notebook of sorts with my favorite recipes. I still have links on my PC with titles like: recipes 2014, 2015, soups, cakes and so on. Well, other than my favorites, I rarely look at those links anymore. Now I generally wing it when I make soup.

Like I said, I have a lot of spices. Some of them are probably of Antique Value, as I can’t remember the last time I’ve used them, and don’t dare open the container, lest they lose their value. Some have labels that aren’t discernible anymore, increasing the mystery about them. I really should toss some of them, because they tend to lose their potency over time. I don’t do so, because then I’d have to re-buy the same unused spices in order to have them ready in case I make an exotic recipe that is not complete without one of those puppies (My word for spices, this time).

Salt and Pepper are those spices, I use the most, and with great success. My stop-the-presses-carrot-extinction-soup has those 2 additives, mainly because I can use them, without having to look up if they were right for my soup.

As I write this blog, my Carrot Soup is bubbling on the induction stove top, just waiting for me to take it with me to work today. I still have a portion of Lentil Chili, and a few German Apples, not to mention my Applesauce Carrot Cake, all of  which comprise my lunch and break food today.

It’s been a great week of Cooking, with at least 4 kilos of Carrots to go. I’m not sure just what I’ll be making with the rest of them, but I’ll be sure to include that in another blog…if you cared about those Puppies (Carrots, that is) at all????