I am in a car traveling through Sweden

I am in Sweden. Sweden is in Scandinavia. I live in Denmark. A lot of Danes can understand Swedish. I am not a Dane. I speak English in Sweden. It works for me.

I have been on a Ferry from Denmark. Not long after arriving in Sweden, the car broke down. I am from California. Never ever would I have believed you, back then, if  you told me that one day, I would be on vacation in Sweden, stranded or not. Sweden is a nice Country. Nice people and nice scenery. No matter how nice it was, I am not happy, being stranded.

Sweden is filled with trees. As we drive northwards, the Swedish trees fill my memories. We are headed toward Norway. We are now traveling on Europe Highway, E45. That is the same highway that passes through Denmark, Germany and beyond. It is over 4900 kilometers long and finally ends its days in Sicily. We are not going to Southern Europe on this trip. Norway would be fine for me.

We are now traveling on Highway E12 Westwards toward Norway. We reach the border to Norway at 8pm. There is no passport control. There are no guard towers with machine gun wielding soldiers. This is Europe without borders.

June has just become July. The Sun is still high in the sky. To the south are snow-clad mountains. They lie in Norway. The sight makes me think of the Mountains in California. The Sierra Nevada. Something inside of me wants to climb these Mountains, but I am only passing through. I am still allowed to dream of my lost Mountains, far far away.


Photo from video: Looking south from Norway-Sweden Border

I am headed to a city called Mo in Rana in Norway. I arrive at 9pm. The sun is still up in the sky. This is the land of the Midnight Sun. Back in California, the Sun has set at 7:30 pm. Now it would be dark.

I am just a traveler from California, via Denmark and Sweden. I am in Norway at 66 degrees, 19 minutes North, 14 degrees 10 minutes East.

Tomorrow, I will travel to the Arctic Circle at 66 degrees 33 minutes.

I have never in my life been so far away from home in California. Tomorrow awaits….

mo i rana


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