I am swimming in the Mediterranean Sea

I am in Greece, on the island of Zakynthos. I am staying at a Greek Hotel, populated only by Danes from Denmark.

I have learned how to say Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening in Greek. I have asked the Cleaning Lady how to say those things. She greeted my in English, she greets everyone in English. She is happy having a job.

Most people would be happy having a job. Many would be happier holding 2 jobs. There are not 2 jobs to be had. The woman at the bar has one job. She used to have a nice job, in an office. Now she works mixing drinks. Now she earns ½ of what she earned before. She owns Olive Trees as a sideline. The owner of the Hotel also owns Olive Trees. He sells Olive Oil at the Hotel. Everyone is struggling in Greece. Everyone is striving for a better life.

I am swimming in the Mediterranean. I am surprised at how salty it is. The water is clear, and warm. The waves are few and not large. Something is nibbling at my toes. Small Crabs are biting me. I try to keep my feet moving, so I do not get eaten by mini Greek Crabs.

At night the sky is filled with Stars. They resemble the same Stars as in California. 37 degrees Latitude is where I am now in Greece, 34 degrees Latitude is where I came from in California. In Denmark it is 57 degrees which is about the same as Juneau, Alaska. I can see my Sign of the Zodiac, Scorpio. Scorpio is not visible in Denmark in the Summer. Summers in Denmark are never really dark. Not like in Greece.

I am at home again, in California, in a Greek way.

If I were drinking Champagne to celebrate Life, while swimming in the salty Mediterranean at night when the mini Crabs were sleeping, looking at my California Stars, and cherishing the job, I had back home in Denmark, then I would say, Yamas, or To Your Health. Cheers for the rest of you.



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