I am reading a book, in German

I grew up in the United States. My Parents spoke English. I learned English in school. My friends and family spoke English.

My Grandparents spoke Russian and English. My Mother didn’t want us to learn Russian, we were after all, Americans.

I had Spanish in school. I was not good at learning Spanish. I convinced myself, I would never be able to learn another language.

I am reading a book in German. It is called, “Das erste Buch der Träume” by Kerstin Gier. It is a book for young people. I have not been young for many decades.

I am reading a book in German. I have read Harry Potter. Actually, all the Harry Potter books in German. I live in Denmark. I speak English to my Family, and Danish to everyone else.

I used to read books, many books in English. English is my native language. It is easy reading in English. If I read another language, then in English, it is a great relief, how easy it really is. English that is.

I don’t read German because it is easy. I don’t understand all of the words, as if they were in English. I don’t always understand the Idioms, or other articles of speech, which other Germans would understand. A lot of German is lost in my translation.

I read books in German, living in Denmark. No one seems to understand me. I also listen to French Music, without being able to understand French. As yet, not much that is.

I am reading a book in German. Sometimes in Danish. Hopefully in French.

I am writing this blog in English,

and that is all, I thought that I could do, once upon a time…….