Last Legs Carrot and Beet Soup

My carrots are on their last legs. I purchased them on sale, reduced in price, destined for the bin.

My beets are alive and doing fine. They probably didn’t know that they soon would be joined together with my last leg carrots!

Beet and carrot soup is on the menu for today. My co-workers will have guessed it before I say anything. “Beets on the menu today?” My reddish hands have given it away, although they won’t have guessed the last leg carrots, being very quiet in their downfall.

An hour before work and the soup is simmering on the induction stove top. Soup is the ultimate meal. Easy to make, tasty and economical, warming body and soul.

My daughter won’t eat carrots without a crunch in them, or bananas with spots for that matter. I know that both of them still have their merits, being able to be used in cooking until the last gasps of life are silenced.

Don’t grieve my carrots, as they have attained a higher level of consciousness.

Soup is such a noble endeavor!