I knew it, 3-bean chili reception at work.

When I announced that I had 3-bean chili with me today, my colleague at work asked, “BEANS! How am I going to deal with that today?

Beans are so misunderstood. I grew up in Southern California, home of Mexican Food which by the way does contain beans! We were always eating beans of some sort. My Father liked his Chili con carne (there was no such thing as Vegans back then in the 60s), while my Mother frequently used String Beans (called Haricort Vert in Denmark).

I admit, it was later on in time that I began to make my own 3-bean chili. I’ve also made my own fresh-cut salsa, which can be just a spicy, or spicier!

I almost feel that I need to hang some sort of sign on my back, when in the possession of beans. Something like, “Beans on my lunch menu today”, on the front side and “Today is not the day to kick me” on the back side. A lot of people think that flatulence is to be had, when eating beans. “I am flatulent, because I am”, could be something to tattoo on my thigh, that is if I ever would get a tattoo. “Today is the first day of the rest of your life eating beans!”, or something that, which would then catch on and be made into a bumper sticker, or a Hallmark Card.

When I did eat today’s lunch, it went by without a hitch. Some of the others, who always have a comment on this and that, would have commented on my lack of meat, but today I didn’t have to defend my latent Vegan tendencies, and was allowed to eat my beans in peace.

I have enough beans for the next 2 days, so there will be ample opportunity for comments and accusations. There is also room for positive input, “Wow, they look great, how do they taste?”. I know, I know. It’s like thinking that some day I’ll hit the lottery, or that a whopping raise in pay is just around the corner (when my Boss discovers how invaluable, I really am), but until then I’ll just be satisfied with my own bean enjoyment.

Don’t take my word for it, try them for yourself.

I’m not just full of beans…..