Mr Frost Pays Denmark a Visit

Well, Mr Frost has finally decided to pay Denmark a visit, here late in November.

It could be my Canadian Connection,, had something to do with it, but he has been here judging by the whitish rooftops in our neighborhood.

According to the Weather Bureau, his visit might just be short-lived as a warm front is heading towards us in the coming week. The Danish Island of Zealand, home to Copenhagen, is expecting a mini-snowstorm tonight and tomorrow, but other than that the rest of the Country will have to be satisfied with clear, cold sunny days, and thoughts of a Winter, seemingly far far away.

I know his visit is a brief interlude, as he hasn’t unpacked his suitcases, leaving most of his chilly attire deep down in the bottom of his Winter case.

Instead of wallowing in a state of disappointment of his brief visit, I’ve decided to venture outside in order to enjoy his company in the frozen shadows of the north-facing roofs. I am though afraid that his visit means an end to my super greenhouse spinach, which has been living in its Summer Dreams long into November, denying the coming Winter.

On a last note: my Niece in Northern Washington State had a visit by Mr Frost, one day before me, which was rather disappointing.

I guess it just shows, how he doesn’t play favorites…


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