Telephone Call for Mr Frost

I’ve been calling Mr Frost, but he doesn’t answer. I also tried to call him last year about the same time, but I guess he is busy up North somewhere?

Real Winter Weather has been playing hide-and-seek with Denmark. Last Winter didn’t really come until January this Year, and it was brief at that.

This weekend is supposed to be the first visit of Mr Frost to Denmark. The Meteorologists are predicting that the “Winter Weather” will last around one week, then give way to warmer temperatures once again.

It won’t be time to dig out the snow shovels, or throw the kids and their snow sleds into the car, and hit the local hills for sledding fun, as the forecast hints more of “chance of” and “mixture of sleet” which doesn’t translate to snow up to one’s shoulder blades!

So, if any of you have seen Mr Frost, or know his number, then I’d encourage you to drop me a line, so I can ask him, just when he is planning his next visit to Denmark, and if he knows how long, he’ll be our guest this Winter………

Here is a small graphic illustration of next week’s forecast.prognoseborrowed from DMI, Danmarks Meterological Institute.



2 thoughts on “Telephone Call for Mr Frost

  1. I’ll drop a word to Mr Frost for you… I think he spends most of his winter time here in Northern Canada 😛 Let me know if he doesn’t get back to you 🙂


    • Hi there. It’s nice to know that Mr Frost isn’t under the Weather, and still is to be found. Sometime he visits us, not with Canadian Cold, but with Siberian Cold, and that is cold Brrrrrrrrrrr. It could be the two Mr Frosts are related: Mr Frost and ‘Mr’ Moroz? You never know, but they could be one in the same….

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