I am on an Airplane, traveling to Germany

I am on an Airplane from Washington DC to Germany. My Destination is Denmark. Lufthansa is the Airline. I am offered newspapers in German or English. People are speaking German. I only understand English. I feel very small and unknown.

The year is 1988.

The window shades are closed. The Movie runs its course. Sleep, if you can. The sound of pressurized air fills my ears, my seat is uncomfortable, I cannot sleep. I have never traveled so far in my life, outside of the USA. I am surrounded by Foreigners. It is exciting in a way. The other people in the plane are in the company of a Foreigner from the United States. It’s all in the way, you look at things, who is who.

…arrival in Germany….

Culture Shock. People in Turbans, yelling at each other in German.

Security Guards. Soldiers with guns. The International Airport in Frankfurt. I am waiting for a flight to Copenhagen, Denmark.

There is some sort of Security Issue. A Person or Persons unknown to me are being tried in a Court in Germany. Security is necessary. I keep to myself, and try to think of something else.

I am thinking in English. I know that for certain, as I have never learned another Foreign Language. A little Spanish and a little Danish. My thoughts have not prepared me for this trip.

My experience is limited, traveling abroad.

I live in Denmark. I study German, French, and sometimes Spanish. I speak Danish on a daily basis.

My experiences have widened. My thoughts are many.

Living in Denmark…