Try To Blend In

Imagine yourself on a trip to a Country where your skin color is different than the one that you are visiting.

Everyone else is different, or perhaps it is just you. You look, smell, act, speak and dress differently. No matter how much you think you fit in, there is always someone looking at you with suspicion and mistrust.

A crime is committed. You are nearby. Everyone runs away. Should you run or stay put. Everyone is looking at you, no matter what you choose to do. You might have a passport, but that only confirms that you are not a native. You might be questioned about the event. You explain things in your language, but not everyone understands your way of thinking, of your way of formulating an answer. You might be nervous. That might be considered suspicious.

Perhaps you have a disability, which limits your way of communicating. You know what you want to say, but it comes out differently than you had planned.

A heinous crime is committed somewhere in the world, perhaps in the Country that you are visiting. You have not committed this crime, but due to your religion, your skin color, or your Country of origin, you are suspected of being guilty.

People start to avoid being with you. You are not allowed on Public Transportation. You are shouted at on the street. Your whole being is under attack: your attire, your skin color, the way you part your hair. Nothing about you seems right.

Tourist, or refugee makes no difference, if you are considered a risk, by the natives.

Try to blend in……..