I just wanted a little more money in the bank

I always think about how it would be nice, having more money in the bank.

It seems like we never get anywhere, money-wise. It’s always a struggle from month to month. We often talk about how little we got by on, before we got kids, but now it is almost impossible to save money like we did once before.

The seasons seem to roll on by, faster and faster. The evening skies show me the constellation Orion with Winter on the way. Then Winter gives way to Spring, then Summer, Autumn, then Orion becomes visible again.

Looking back at what has happened in World Events, also seems to rush on by. The major events of the last 20 Years, seem like they might just have occurred, but then, we are all older since then.

I think about how nice it would be, being able to travel a bit more. We’ve talked about all the places, we’d like to see, but never get farther than the money allows us. The kids grow up, but still make demands on the budget. When it starts looking brighter, a new expense shows up.

There are though brighter spots, here and there. I’ve found it satisfying seeing how my Children, despite their difficulties, are growing up into their future selves, with all the help that we can give them. Their personalities are very definite, with only a few tweaks still possible from our wider scope of experience. The best that we can give them is not measured in dollars and cents, but in the experiences and thoughts from our own lives. They are receiving the best of our knowledge and experience, without noticing it at all.

I also find it satisfying performing tasks at my workplace. The ability to treat others with respect, and understanding are good things wherever one might be. The simple fact of being able to accomplish my job, using the knowledge and understanding that my own Parents have taught me, makes my day both rewarding and satisfying, even though it can be hard at times. I also believe that everyone should be told that their efforts are valued and appreciated. Everyone deserves praise once in a while, both my colleagues, as well as the people in management, regardless of our differences in getting things done.

I have a good life, and a roof over my head. My Wife and I share the same moral fiber and are heading in the same direction with our thoughts and beliefs. It still might be nice to have more money in the bank, or a few more bills out of the way, but then those things won’t affect the other good things, that I’ve described above.

I’ll be sure to tell you, if I’ve found that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, or have hit the lottery, big time, but until then just consider me to be among the billions of others on this Planet, living each day for itself, and continuing on until there is no more need to notice when Orion again visits us in the heavens…..