I just closed my eyes for a moment

The bus rumbled along. The kilometers flew by, as did the countries. First Germany, then Luxembourg.

Everyone piled out of the bus. There were buses everywhere. It was midnight. It was time to brush teeth, comb hair time to sleep. I stood in the middle of a large parking lot, surrounded by a myriad of Nationalities, all going in different directions. Confusing, it was, but you just had to go with the flow.

Back onto the bus, down on a bed. The kilometers flew on by. The sun came up, and we were in France. Time for a change of bus drivers. We continued towards the border. No passports necessary. No time to stop. No need for German, or French. The kilometers flew on by.

Crossing the border to Spain. No Spanish necessary. No passports. The kilometers continued.Arrival in Spain. Off the bus, out with the suitcases. Up to the room. Dinner at 6pm.

More buses and more days, sometimes Spanish. Sometimes English.

Back onto the bus. First Spain, then France, then Luxembourg. Then Germany. Then Denmark.

When I opened my eyes again, I was in Denmark. Everyone spoke Danish. All the signs were in Danish. I didn’t need a passport. I was merely on a bus, on a motorway, in the middle of Denmark.

If I just closed my eyes again, where would I be…

– to be continued…