Frosting the cake – Evil Spirits inhabit my kitchen

Evil Spirits in the kitchen. Need I say more?

I never was a cake man before. I always let my Wife make my cakes. Cakes to take to work, cakes for birthdays. She baked them all.

Suddenly, as if I were ‘subjunctive’ struck by lightning, I started baking cakes. I tried to healthy them up. I replaced sugar and oil with apple sauce. I made my own apple sauce, it being so easy to do. Cakes and muffins became so moist, tasting even better  the next day.

The Evil Spirits were about to strike, as I served my cake.

  • “Where is the frosting?”
  • There is no frosting, it doesn’t need frosting.
  • “I want frosting”. I still want frosting.
  • Try it without, you’ll like it
  • “Yes, you are right. It doesn’t need frosting”

I go about my business. Later on, I return to the kitchen for a piece of cake. It has frosting on it. I didn’t put frosting on it. It not only had white frosting, but brown as well.

Who has frosted my cake?   The Evil Spirits did it

  • Cake is not cake without frosting
  • Frosting will make a good cake better
  • Colored frosting is better than white frosting

No one will admit to knowing about the frosting.

Those Evil Spirits must be clever, having made the frosting, with the right consistency, not too dry, not too runny. Frosting made with powdered sugar is not easy to do, it can quickly go wrong.

  • Accept it and go about your business
  • Take a broader view and convince yourself it was right all along
  • Don’t accuse, judge or punish that what you don’t understand

There must be Evil Spirits in my kitchen.