Shoveling Coal

I think that shoveling coal would be fun to do. All right, your hands and clothes get a bit dirty, but think of it as aerobic exercise, or strength training. All that time shoveling coal, letting your mind float to distant places, humming a tune locked in your head.

Digging a ditch is another fun thing to do. Think of it like a journey through time, slicing through the layers of Geology, finding Dinosaur Bones and Prehistoric remains of early man. Ask your friends to join you. What are you and you and you doing today? Looking at your smartphones and tablets, whoa, that’s no fun. You can do that any day. Why not join the digging gang with me. We could sing something like “Working’ on the Railroad”. We could start off like singing a round, with the first man digging the dirt with shovel high, the next man (or woman) with it halfway up, the third with it still on the ground, waiting its turn.

Sweeping the road can also be a possibility. The satisfaction gained, by doing simple work is amazing. First from the middle of the street, then into the side. A friend can have just as much fun with a shovel, waiting to pick up your part. We can pretend we are workers on the WPA*. Let’s lean on our shovels, light a cigarette and wipe the sweat from our faces. “What do you think of Roosevelt?” That’s what all of us WPA* workers talk about. Shovels over our shoulders, on to the next street. Whistling a tune, thinking about dinner and a good night’s sleep. Fresh air and fellow workers, what more can a person ask for?

A runner whooshes by. Is that exercise? I’d rather shovel coal, dig a ditch or sweep the road. I’ve been sweating all day long. I’ve been together with my buddies, doing what we love. I don’t need to run, or lift weights, or pay somebody so I can sweat. I can do that all by myself.

Dinner at home with the Family. My muscles ache, but I feel good about it. It’s nice spending time with my Family, just shooting the breeze. What did they do today? What did they accomplish on this day in their lives? Did it work out, did it make them feel good afterwards?

The bed seems softer than ever before. I seem to float down upon the layers. My dog curls up beside me and falls asleep. Life has been good to me. My thoughts begin to fade. The night takes over. Dreaming again.

Dreaming of Shoveling Coal………

*Works Progress Administration


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