Humble Pie – A Recipe for Success

A lot of you probably have heard about Humble Pie, but have never tried to make it before. I have had personal experience with Humble Pie and would like to share my list important procedures leading you to an ending of your just deserve.

A common mistake is to consider Humble Pie the same as the French Dish: Faux Pas.

Faux Pas is usually served after an initial error in judgement, usually occurring with incorrect placement of the classic knife-fork-spoon triad. Faux Pas will be covered in a Future Blog, but should not be considered the Alpha and Omega of the Processes initiated by Humble Pie.

Humble Pie is structured thusly:

  1. making the pie
  2. receiving criticism
  3. considering the consequences
  4. weighing the possibilities
  5. choosing sides
  6. unlocking the gun case (if available)
  7. hiding the family in the secret room under the floor
  8. breaking out the window glass and readying your bullet-proof vest
  9. initializing proper placement of your gas mask
  10. sending out your manifesto on YouTube
  11. calling your Mother and Father (if still applicable) and thanking them for this moment
  12. gritting your teeth, waiting for the first trip-wires to be activated
  13. lock and load – This is Your moment of Glory!

I wish to apologize for those of you who have inadvertently wandered onto the radical version of Humble Pie. This should have been called, ”The Humble Pie Manifesto – Bullets Cost Bucks”.

The True Humble Pie, cooking version – will be coming in a future blog…..


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