The Onion Chronicles – Lost, Maybe, Found – Epilogue

Well today my onions found redemption.

I’ll have to admit, though, that my non-onion soup has been made today. Non-onion soup was made with potatoes, cabbage and (sigh) leeks.

Leeks, although onion-like, are not onions! They should be classified as onion wanna-bees, onion (not)look-a likes, dreaming of onions, but failing. I’m sorry leeks, you are not onions, no matter how hard you try.

I thought about the TV-series, “The Fugitive”. The original one with David Janssen. He searched, no not for onions, but the one-armed man who killed his wife. Just think of it searching 5 years for onions, I mean the man who killed his wife.

Finally he caught up with him on the Danish island of Samsø, home of potatoes and onions. He was vindicated and was allowed to return to being Dr Richard Kimble enjoying his potato and onion soup – Danish style.

That was justice!

løg bagsiden løg forsiden