Impulsive Soup – Post Onion Depression

Today is a new day. Yesterday I was a bit down over not having any onions, but a new soup attempt looms on the horizon.

It’s like I’ve told my Children, “Be Prepared”. It’s like the time that they needed to take a cake with them to school the next day and we didn’t have any baking chocolate. Being Denmark, all the store were closed at 9 pm when we needed that ingredient. I hit all the mini-markets within a 5 kilometer radius. Nope, not to be found. We finally ended up using chocolate drink powder which by the way will work in a pinch!

I like soup. I can eat soup every month of the year. I know how easy it can be from start to finish, and with just an hour until I need to leave for work, it still is possible.

The pot, some butter or oil and…. those darn (pardon my language) onions again. I’ll give it another look. We store our onions in the garage. Some might say things like: ambient temperature, good ventilation, and the like. Hey, it keeps those onion skins out of every nook and cranny in the kitchen. I do have my standards you know?

I’ll just give it a once over to be sure:


Hmmm, looking kind of thin. Potatoes to the left. A celery root and those 3 leeks. Nope no onions, just a few onion skins to tempt me. Maybe they’ve fallen behind the computer monitor – it has happened before! No again. It’s OK. I’ll just use a leek and some broth and potatoes and cabbage. It WILL work.

Maybe I have onion salt! No, no, and no! Some of you might think that I’m onion-fixated? No I’m not. And not cucumber-fixated either. No, no onion salt. “Sigh”

I could go the the local mini-market. I’ll have to bike. It’s raining and windy. Then I’ll still have to make the soup, and make it to work on time.

I can’t keep using the same excuse to my Boss, “I didn’t have any onions for my soup, and that is why I’m late again.” Reasons for firing of an employee: excessive use of “no onion” excuse. I don’t think it is worth losing my job over a few pungent roots!

Wow, in writing this mini-onion-blog, I’m losing precious make-no onion-soup minutes.

I do feel that talking about it helps. I should have tried that yesterday as well.

Soup de jour awaits!


2 thoughts on “Impulsive Soup – Post Onion Depression

  1. At work, my office is the place all employees have to call if they are calling in sick or tardy, or whatever. I thought after 16 years I’d heard every possible excuse (“Cow stepped on my foot,” “My cat died,” “I lost my glasses and my dog chewed up my spare pair”, etc.). But I have never gotten the “Didn’t have onions for my soup” excuse.


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