An Acquired Taste

When I was young, my Mother used to make me cow’s tongue sandwiches. The other kids said,”Yucky” and “How could you eat a cow’s tongue?”. If I didn’t think about their comments, it tasted good enough to me, it was just the thought of eating a cow’s tongue, that seemed a bit strange to other people.

Danes seem to like liver pate. Danish school children are used to getting it on their bread for lunchtime. I can’t get used to it. If it were only cow’s tongue, then they would have to fight me over the last bit in the refrigerator!

Yogurt is another thing that they can keep for themselves. Once when I was in India and had problems with my stomach, my Wife suggested yogurt. I ate it, but only under protest. I don’t care how much fruit or sugar it is made with, I just can’t/won’t eat it.

Another thing that Danes like is salty licorice. Every time I’m offered the stuff I turn it down. They ask me, “What kind of licorice did you eat in the US?” That’s just it, licorice was stringy, sweet, filled with artificial colors and was only eaten at the movies. It was not as common as everyone here would think. It’s just a Danish-thing, and needs to be accepted as it is. But I won’t.

In Denmark around Christmas some people like to eat blood sausage. I feel like I’m losing my mind, when I see people eating the stuff. It’s fried then eaten with sugar mixed with cinnamon. It’s another Danish thing.

I guess I’ll never be a real-Dane unless I can accept/eat/enjoy a lot of the food customs that go together with living here.

I really begin to miss my cow’s tongue sandwiches with mustard. Man that was really living!