Handy Cooking Tip – The Spice of Life

I like spices. I say that even though I have a lot more of them, then I’ll ever use.

Take pepper for example. I must have 6 different jars of pepper. Ground, White, Whole, and colored peppercorns. Those are some of them, but why is it that I can only find Ground pepper in a glass with the biggest holes on the planet? Even though I try to use it sparingly, it comes out like the soup was called “Pepper Soup”. Sometimes the family asks, “Uh, isn’t there a bit too much pepper?”, “Nope, just enough!”, I say as I hide my holey jar from sight. I’ve considered buying just one, and tossing the others, but then we do need to do our part in combating food waste! Even if it is pepper.

Cinnamon is one of those spices which gets a lot of use in our kitchen. I purchased one of those giant, large-kitchen sizes in our local wholesale-like store. It takes up the same space as 6 jars of pepper, if I could find them that is. My Wife uses it on pancakes, and I make cakes with it too. Luckily it is written in 4 languages which allows me to learn new things as I go.

The one disadvantage that I have over others is that my Wife is a Dane. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve known about that part for years, but it does make it more challenging with our spices. I prefer English, but she prefers Danish. Those little known spices like Muscat or, Hjortetaksalt, might seem like a piece of cake for some of you, but I don’t feel safe in that part of the kitchen without using a Danish-English Dictionary, a chair and a whip.

I have this IKEA kitchen you see, which makes life easier for some people, but what about me? I have spices on 3 levels and added to that, IKEA makes squarish canisters which can be used for those smaller portions of spices and the like, which are in leaky bags held together with clips, rubber bands and the like. Easy, nope! Now I need to open each canister in order to see what is in there. Pepper, nope wrong again, but it was a good guess, all the same. I thought of labeling them, but then what if someone took the last portion of Timian and failed to cross the name out? I’d have to start over again, each time I looked for those darn peppercorns for my next batch of soup.

One thing, next to pepper with the big holes, that I know I can find each and every time, is Chili. No one seems to touch it, and that is just fine by me. It’s kind of like having my computer out in the garage, where no one wants to be, except for me that is. Chili and the garage are the last vestiges of my domain, my Kingdom, as it were.

I would advise you to use those spices sparingly, so your guests/family won’t want to collect any or all of the local fast-food advertisements, rather than take a chance on your darkish, strong tasting soup. Take a chance, be a man, and throw out those spices that you never seem to use, or can read the labels on.

You might just want to make up a back-up box of your Manly, throwaways just in case your Wife discovers that you’ve tossed her family heirloom spice jars, which her deceased Grandmother gave her as a child with none other than antique Hjortetaksalt in them.

Just to be on the safe side, that is…

ikeaskab kanelpepper