The End of an Era – The Death Throes of the Danish Car Industry

It has survived it competitors, the Volvo and the Volkswagen. It made it through the many worldwide recessions, only to raise its head time and again, but this time, I’m afraid that the Danish Lion has uttered its last roar!

Car enthusiasts are in mourning today. The world famous Danish Car Industry is running on empty, after 70 glorious years on the market.

Car clubs that usually sport Trabbis from East Germany or, American Cadillacs, Mustangs and Corvettes, will soon be highlighting the once mighty Danish models: The Danmobile, The Jutland Jeep and the Zealand Devil. Then there were the special edition cars such as the Viking Destroyer with its curved horn technology, and the Classic Copenhagen Convertible with its accented tone and haughty demeanor.

Part of the blame must lie upon the more aggressive German models such as the Achtung and the Raus. These cars posed a dangerous threat to the Danmobile with its 2-pedal combustion, and modified cardboard chassis. The many lawsuits brought about by the flawed construction of the Danmobile came to be known as “The accordion bends”. This affliction was caused by the Danmobile’s inability to maneuver through heavy traffic situations, where the sides of the cars were subjected to what became known as “cardboard fatigue” brought about by the less than environmentally friendly cars with their metal exteriors.

Even local petitions made to the Danish Parliament failed to obtain necessary funding to keep the Car Industry afloat. The reasoning was simple: Just as the American Government tried and failed with bail-out attempts to save the Ford Edsel and the De Lorean, the Danish Government wasn’t about to divert funds from key projects as smoking rooms for Danish parliamentarians, and much needed infrastructure on the Island of Zealand.

“More bridges and Less taxation” became the slogan for the financially challenged citizens of Copenhagen, who saw the saving of the Danish Car Industry to be a waste of time and money. This frustration reached a boiling point when local protesters, dressed as Vikings, filled a number of Danmobiles with tea and dumped them into the nearby sound.

It will also be a challenge for collectors of Classic Danish Cars to obtain spare parts. It might even result in a red-white underground market, as the term “black” would never be used for the Danish People who are known as “The Happiest People on Earth”.

I, for one, will mourn the local favorite, “The Jutland Jeep” with its classic trailer hitch, showing the rest of the country what is most important for Jutlanders! With its locking hubs and 4-wheel drive, it was designed to traverse the arid Danish Desert and climb to the pinnacles of the mighty Danish Alps.

I would proudly own one, placing it in my backyard where it could live out its days in rusty peace, as the taxes concerning its registration and upkeep are equal to the feeding and clothing of my 7 children until they (hopefully) fly the coop at age 18.

So as the Danes would say, “på gensyn”, which means “Until We Meet Again” as saying Goodbye is just too final a word, for this once mighty industry!


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