Gosh, by golly, dang it

As you can see by the title dear blog-readers the title of this blog refers to profanity.

Some say it and others don’t. What would your mother say, if she heard you? Wash your mouth out with soap of course!

Use of the “F-word”. Let’s consider the F-word. I personally don’t use it, but then, I never really have. In my adult life, over here in Denmark, I’ve had a go at it, but it didn’t feel good. It must have been due to my upbringing, or something. I know it is widely used today. It is almost synonymous with Rappers rapping. Those individuals of which tattoos are the norm instead of the exception. They almost seem to fit together.

Consider Harry Potter and “He who is not to be named”. I know, you know who I’m speaking of. Harry’s argument was always, “Dumbledore” says it, “I can too.” My kids might also use the same argument, “They say it in songs and on YouTube, so I can say it too”. I’d like to agree, but the events at the end of Harry Potter Book 6 as well as the goings on in Book 7 might just prove otherwise.

My wife uses colorful language at times. Just like her father. Like father like daughter. I wonder if my daughter will inherit my way of speaking? As yet, she hasn’t begun to use, gosh or dang, but someday, perhaps…Oh, forget it! That’s just a pipe-dream.

The title refers to the “nice” way of swearing, without actually doing so. In Danish they have”at slå til Søren” Søren, whoever he was, has taken the place of an evil relative, being nameless (Remember Books 6 and 7). It might mean “having a Devil of a time”? But without having to mention “he who is not to be named.” Funny coincidence that.

It’s kind of like movies which are Disney-fied, with wholesome kids and clean, orderly schools. Like in High School Musical 1-3. Disney at its best?

And Holidays, let’s not forget Holidays. I’ve capitalized the word to show that it is a derivation from “Holy Days”, not unlike holy moly, or holy cow, or holy-s***. Now I can see that I’ve come way too far with my profanity.

Let’s move on…oh yeah. Holidays. In Denmark most if not Holidays are, just like in Word-Processing (not showing respect this time, just to accentuate the words, OK?) where you can use those tiny scissors to cut with, then paste them back into the text after having a small rest on the ol’ clipboard. Have I lost you yet? Anyway. I feel this thing about Holidays is going nowhere, but I’ll give it a new try.

Holidays in Denmark are cut+clipboard+pasted on top of Pagan Rituals. Christmas is one where Pre Christian rituals had been celebrated around the winter solstice, which is at or near the 25th. That explanation would never hold in court as they say, but if you just consider it to be my opinion, then we can still part as friends at the end of this blog!

Mid-Summer’s Eve which is re-named after St John the Baptist (that’s a funny trick) is a real good one in Denmark. Those fun-loving Danes make large bonfires and burn witches at the stake. Good Clean Fun, and without profanity, mind you. Unless they “Slår til Søren”, have a devil (small this time, that is not Holy) of a time, then it is.

I feel that I’ve lost the point of this blog somewhere along the line. If I had been into colorful language with equally colorful adjectives, I would use them now, but I won’t.

The fact that other people are comfortable using the F-word is their own business. I would rather not have my Children using it/them, but I can’t control all aspects of their lives, no matter how much my wife thinks she can.

I won’t exclude the use of such words in future blogs, as “Never say never”. That could almost be tattooed on my thigh, but I’ve heard that it hurts, then I would have to use profanity, and the whole point of this blog would be lost.

Dang it.