Fireworks, Kid Ink and 200.000 other reasons to read my blog

I wish I possessed some sort of Time reducing machine. We all know, or should anyway, that time travel is not possible unless you are well versed in Wormholes, a believer in Star Trek TNG or have a serious mental disorder, like reading blogs about French verbs and saying AllRightOn.

No, the type of machine that I would like, would be able to transport me instantaneously from one point to another. Kind of like in Harry Potter who is able to use Fireplaces, objects, spells and the like unless that is, Voldemort has made a come-back and is watching the Floo network for travel violations.  I realize I have just set the tone for this blog by naming the V-word instead of referring to him as “he who is not to be named”, being a clear violation and possibly deadly if you again are well versed in Book 7. Harry Potter und die Heiligtürmer des Todes, this title coming from the German edition.

Some of you might have lost interest in the title of this blog, which although interesting and piquant, is lacking substance due to my otherwise fascinating rambling style of expression.

I’ll have to  check the Stats on this blog to see if indeed , I managed to lose any of you when I reached word number 200.

I was privileged to take my daughter to a concert in the Danish City of Aarhus.

Upon reading the AA in Danish, some might be frightened away from that as foreign things always seem to make people uneasy. If I were – subjunctive form – to suggest that AA or aa could be pronounced as ‘o’, then it wouldn’t be so hard to accept? “Orhus” would then replace Aarhus, thus making your debut in the Danish language something to celebrate. Hopefully involving Champagne – real Champagne comes from France – France again – and not the Champagne they sell from the Napa Valley! Or from the Central Valley which also is known as Bulk Wine, and to finish my statement: of Champagne and women jumping out of Cakes, which I would heartily recommend.cake

The concert again was held at a nightclub in Aarhus – remember, practice makes perfect – and the doors were opened at 8 pm. We rushed in checking our coats and positioning ourselves on some steps adjacent to the stage. Here we remain standing for the next 2½ hours! The night started with some DJs playing music, followed by some fellows rapping their way across the stage. “Is that him” I asked my daughter, “No, not yet”, which meant that I had to attempt to recognize the many and varied pieces of music that were played. Later on the first DJ was replaced by another with yet another Rapper performing on the stage. “Is that him”, “No, and he is Mega-Lousy” which I could only agree with, not knowing anything about anything that night. The next act consisted of a new DJ and two new fellows, rapping across the stage. In order not to change my tactics, I asked once again, “Is”, but before I could continue my question the answer was of course, “No”.  Time was ticking on, but I never lost my admiration at the steadily growing numbers of young people – everyone was younger than me – and their ability to sing along to all the “music” which I have put in quotation marks to show that I began to doubt the existence of music being played that evening. Finally two new fellows came out on the stage which whipped the crowd into a frenzy. “Is it, ” Yes, it is him”. Which would be obvious to anyone there under the age of 57. “He” was dressed in white clothing with golden chains hanging from his neck and tattoos galore. At one point he threw his shirt into the crowd, causing a ruckus right in front of us. His bare skin was not bare at all as the numerous tattoos glistened in his rapping sweat – giving the crowd what they had waited for. I had cleverly attempted to research this fellow while still at home via YouTube, playing some of his many songs, seeing if any of them deserved my attention. I found a few which were less annoying than the others and hoped to hear them at the concert, so I could show the others that I too, was indeed Hip, Narly, Boss, Groovy, or Radical just like the others in the crowd. I found it increasingly difficult to hold my position behind my daughter as some very tall and muscular young men pushed their way towards the stage. One of them asked me if it were – subjunctive again – important for me to stand right there, which I answered with the fact that I was present together with my daughter. We listened and waited for one of my daughter’s shoes, or was it her CellPhone to make its way towards this fellow in order for him to sign his autograph on it. Unfortunately he turned his attention to the other side of the stage, thus ending the possibility for my daughter to float like a feather with joy.  Later on when the concert had ended and we had located the car again, I had difficulty finding the way out of “Orhus”. We did manage to circle the nightclub not less than 2 times, reminding us of the  concert and how I was still hoping for this fellow to play one or two of the most tolerable songs from YouTube. I finally decided to drive towards the hospital, which was one of the only landmarks in “Orhus” in which I could find my way home to “Olborg” again. Here again would I have wished for that device which would have transported us back home again, saving me from driving on the Motorway home again, in the Dark and in the Rain, being somewhat tired after my uplifting, and soul-wrenching concert with that fellow from the USA.

Here he is in all his glory…


The other day I again would have wished for that Transporter, which as we all know wouldn’t be possible due to the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principal, which states that it isn’t possible to know the exact whereabouts of subatomic particles, which meant that the Transporter in Star Trek wouldn’t work. Some of you Star Trek purists might mention the “Heisenberg Compensator” which would as the name implies, compensate for those particles, thus making the Transporters work,

if you also had the help of Montgomery Scott, Geordi La Forge, Chief O’Brian and in a pinch, Data the android, on your team.

I was waiting for a large firework show marking the end of the Tall Ships Race in “Olborg”.  We, my wife, daughter and I, had an excellent view of the Bridge over the Limfjord Canal in “Olborg” where 1.1 metric tons of fireworks were waiting to be shot off. Most of the people in front of us, sat down, which gave us a view second to none. We remained seated for 2½ hours – again, if you remember the concert in “Orhus”? My daughter decided at the last minutes before the show, to buy french fries, which took her through the crowds of people estimated at around 200,000 people. A known Rock Band played music on the stage behind us adding to the excitement up to 11 o’clock,or 2300, when those 1.1 metric tons, or 5 million Danish Kroner would be activated by a computer no less. My daughter never made it back to us before the show began. But what a show. Lasting 17 minutes, the show was like no other we/ I had ever experienced before. Afterwards the crowds began to move about, without any particular direction in mind. We waited patiently for my daughter and her french fries to show up, marveling at the surging masses and wondering how long it would be before we finally reached the house. After collecting my daughter and my son, who had waited for us on a small ship, we started off to the parking garage. There was a new line, or “Que” waiting for us when we arrived. Getting the car out of the garage was equally as disappointing.

Here is a photo of the level we were on: IMG_20150804_000841

The drive home was with traffic, traffic and more traffic. When we finally reached home at 1 am, the events of the evening were hard to remember. I decided at that point in time to record my thoughts, which I thought about at that show of shows, but I admit, it’s not easy reconciling the wait, the crowds, the wait, and the wait again in order to come home again.

I apologize for the length of this blog, which risks losing some of you along the way, but I have had trouble controlling my many thoughts since I started writing blogs on this site. At every turn, I see a potential story, which can be very time-consuming. I love writing blogs which vary from the ultra-serious to the ultra-whimsical. I only hope that these more than 1500 words were understandable by those unknown worldwide readers who have chosen this moment to read it.


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  1. Well, I’m only 39 but we went to a concert a few months back and by the time the main act got onstage we were so pooped out we went home after 30mins. It was 11:30pm. I’d love a time reducing machine right about now.


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