Lilac and Honeysuckle

The scents
of most fragrant flowers
bearing the weight
of the springtime

Her lilac
and honeysuckle scents
stepping lightly upon
my vernal pools
the wildflowers in my heart
continued to blossom

when thoughts of her
silently, but powerfully

scented my life
defining my love

bathing in her sweet

wanting her springtime,
never to end…

Washing the Day

Touching up
the sky a bit
the colors needing
deeper blues and yellows,
Washing the day
with the colors being
so bright in my
in the moment of now,
fading with the light
the setting sun,
takes this day
and replaces it
with another,
adjusting my memory
with new colors,
I’d never seen

The Light

The morning light
rolling out across
the landscape like
a sheet of paper covering
every nook and cranny
of my mind’s eye,

The light’s flames
licking at the treetops
leaving no shadow unturned
no room for the darkness of my thoughts
to hide,

My fingers stretch out
searching for her yet sleeping form
pulling her into the brightness
the eternal glow

Bathing her morning beauty
the gentle waters aglow
her softness smoothing out
my roughest corners
rippling sunrise undulations

My untold passion
reading the essence of my life
by her love, and its stories..